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 My electronic book  and printed book "The Corruption of New Zealand" expose the huge transfer of power and money that  the Labour Government had already given to Maori tribal elders and was continuing to do so.  It was akin to what would be done by an external conqueror, destroying our democracy and legal system. The 2023 October election overwhelmingly rejected these changes. The resultant Coalition Government is modifying or rejecting most of the changes.

 These books should be of interest to anyone with egalitarian principles who is thinking about law, people, racism, power, corruption and politics. And for anyone who wants to discuss issues which the new Government opens for this purpose. Go to & TOC.pdf for the Table of Contents and relevant references.

For copies of my electronic  books use the internet to go to and you will get a list of stockists. My ebooks run on most devices from ereaders such as Kindle and Kobo to Apple, Windows and Android  operating systems. Also some stockists carry translated versions. Currently printed books are available from and – search for perce harpham

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Ebooks require a little explaining and persistence if you are not familiar with them unless you have a friendly teen-ager to help. First (unless you are downloading to Kindle or Kobo etc which will already have such a program installed) you need an ereader program to be able to read the PDF or EPUB ebook file which  you will download from, say, . When you have downloaded a PDF file you can just open it in almost any Internet Browser. 

If you want to setup a library of ebooks  you may want an ereader program which provides this facility for you. There are many  such programs both free and priced .  One free one which works on Android, Windows or IOS operating systems is Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Download and install it before downloading the ebook. Then the file will be opened immediately when you download it and you can put it into your local library if you wish.  Otherwise you still have to install ADE, find where you  put the download and double click  to open it.  You will then see a navigation panel to the left but it will only show "Table of Contents". You need to hover over the little icon towards the top left which contains a star and it will give you some choices. Choose "expand" and the actual contents will be displayed. Then click on any of that list  and you will get the appropriate content - but only a sample up to 10% of the ebook unless you go on to buy the ebook. 

About Me

A large part of my life was spent developing Progeni, the first computer software company in New Zealand. It developed into an international company with branches throughout Australia and New Zealand, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Beijing. After 21 years Progeni was "collateral damage" in the failure of the Bank of New Zealand in 1989. It is worth reading about the success and failure of this company as an example of the problems facing anyone growing a new industry. We need new industries in New Zealand to make it more self-reliant in order to survive the perils of the future. For a free chapter of the Computer Society's fiftieth anniversary book click  The Story of Progeni  Also see my Biography and a somewhat dated video Basic Income.

SOME VOYAGES AROUND NEW ZEALAND & ELSEWHERE is a publication relating my lifetime passion for sailing. This book is for anyone interested in sailing, particularly as this relates to New Zealand and the Pacific. This ebook makes a nice gift for any sailor.