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MAKE IT HAPPEN! cover image My new book "MAKE IT HAPPEN!" questions some structures and processes of Government which benefit some groups at the expense of others. Some possible solutions are suggested.

A possibility for a fiscally neutral restructure of the Personal Income Tax system in New Zealand is the "Robin Hood Tax". It would correct a great unfairness for the poor. A sketch plan for simplification and improvement of the Benefit System is given with discussion of a Resource Tax on property to finance it. There is also a potential for relieving the problems of many elderly by facilitating those living alone to move in with another, thereby releasing possibly 10,000 or more homes for occupation, reducing the cost of District Health Board care as well as the loneliness and anxiety of many.

See the Table of Contents for a wide range of other issues affecting our communities. Hold Ctrl and click on hyperlinks.

Six minute Video introduction. The ideas have developed further in the years since it was made but much is explained.

This book should be of interest to anyone with egalitarian principles who is thinking of people and politics. Should a Government find the Robin Hood Tax and the Benefit concepts attractive then implementing them during the current pandemic would provide security for many and would assist the recovery. They need urgent consideration. This is a time for transformative action.

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A large part of my life was spent developing Progeni, the first computer software company in New Zealand. It developed into an international company with branches throughout Australia and New Zealand, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Beijing. After 21 years Progeni was "collateral damage" in the failure of the Bank of New Zealand in 1989. It is worth reading about the success and failure of this company as an example of the problems facing anyone growing a new industry. We need new industries in New Zealand to make it more self-reliant in order to survive the perils of the future. For a free chapter of the Computer Society's fiftieth anniversary book hold Ctrl and click  The Story of Progeni  Also see my biography

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