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Increasing Equality

We need to increase the equality of both wealth and income in New Zealand. Use these ideas however you wish - with acknowledgment if appropriate. Please send comments to me at perce@harpham.co.nz.

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Several of my papers are referenced here for downloading. Click on a coloured name and then, if you are given a choice ( as in Internet Explorer), choose Open  or Save, as you wish. If you save you need to open the saved file yourself from wherever you saved it.  If you open the file it will appear in a new window and you can save it later in the usual way. See below if you need more instructions

In recommended order of reading these papers, which may be modified from time to time, are:

With some browsers(e.g. Chrome) the default is to Save and you may have to say where to save it. The document will then be downloaded to you. The document can then be started from your chosen download folder (double click) or from the button (double click) that will appear at the bottom left of your screen. This button at the bottom left will have a little down arrow. If you click this you will then be able to choose to have Open as the default for future files of this type and can then decide to save them later.
You will need a version of Word or, for the spreadsheet, Excel.  Save, use or copy and paste etc if you wish then close the window to return here.

A note about the spreadsheet. There are seven sheets (pages). Click on the appropriate tab at the bottom left of the sheet. Sheet 1 sets out some of the assumptions. Sheet 2 is where you change the Uniform Income Tax rate, any Asset Tax relief  and the UBIs you want for the different age ranges. These then determine the Asset Tax needed for fiscal neutrality.
By scrolling down you can then see the effect on different age groups with different incomes in addition to the tax-free UBI. You can also change the superannuation rate in cell E37 of sheet 2. 

 Sheet 3 gives the results of the calculations.
                Sheet 4 shows the results for the 18 to 64 group with different incomes and assets
                Sheet 5 shows the results for Superannuitants with different incomes and assets. 
Sheet  6 Shows the results for adult couples with combined incomes and assets.
Sheet 7 shows the results for a superannuitant couple with combined income and assets.

Some Personal Stuff
A large part of my life was spent developing Progeni, the first computer software company in New Zealand . Click The Story of Progeni. Success & Failure
Another part of my life is described in my book.  For a free chapter click here.  To buy the book  Some Voyages Around New Zealand & Elsewhere email me at perce@harpham.nz for a post free copy at NZ$25.